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Katy White Art

Water Spirit Poster

Water Spirit Poster

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This poster reacts to color-changing light & looks great with ChromaDepth 3D glasses!

Shades of blue dominate the Water Spirit, ranging from the turquoise-tinted shallows of tropical waters at the center to the cool deep blues of oceans expanding to the edges of the lens. Life springs from these waters in vibrant shades of greens and purples, accented by saturated magenta floral elements. The center of the Water Spirit is warm, but quickly calms in the warm blues that surround it.

With ChromaDepth 3D glasses the depths of the water can be felt and the magenta accents hover high above a fluid water backdrop.

All of my posters are fine art prints. They are printed at high resolution on acid free paper, using fade resistant archival inks. I use heavyweight paper with a satin finish for the best color and quality.

*Frame not included

Poster orders typically arrive within 7 days

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