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Katy White Art

Open Eyes Poster

Open Eyes Poster

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This poster reacts to color-changing light! 

An ode to Mary Jane and a friend named Sunlight, this pattern is about the effect that nature has on my ability to connect with my creative side. Eyes found in sets of three appear to be open, but have no pupils to let the light in, so they do not actually see. The eyes behind the leaf-like shapes are wide open, with big pupils to let in the light, illuminating a part of the mind that otherwise can’t be seen.In red light the open yet unseeing eyes surround faint glowing circles. In green light the leaves stand out, connected to each other in a delicate web. In blue light the entire piece is illuminated, with open eyes and glowing leaves.

All of my posters are fine art prints. They are printed at high resolution on acid free paper, using fade resistant archival inks. I use heavyweight paper with a satin finish for the best color and quality.

*Frame not included

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